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About Us

Shiva's Stone is a Canadian based organization with an established multinational presence.

We are obsessively passionate about the metaphysical phenomenon of natural crystals.

Their proprietary benefits on the body and mind of an individual reach far beyond the scope of their evident beauty.

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Our Goal

At Shiva's Stone, our goal is to create sustainable products which allow the user to harness the energy of a crystal to its maximum potential.

Through the emittance of positive energy and distinct frequencies, crystals possess the ability to enhance the mental or physical state of an individual.

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Social Responsibility

Shiva's Stone proudly goes above and beyond to give back to less fortunate global elements. Our continuous effort to donate 10% of net income has assisted in the following:

1.Financially alleviate less fortunate people 

2. Re-invest in the preservation of global environmental crises

Our Initiatives

Improve The Quality Of Your Water Naturally

Shiva's Solution - Crystal Infused Water Flasks

Alkalize Your Body Naturally

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Eco-Friendly, Contemporary Design

Unlock Your Inner Youth

Introducing Natural Crystal Face Rollers

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Natural Crystal Face Rollers