About Shiva's Stone

Focal Point

We are obsessively passionate about the metaphysical phenomenon of natural crystals. Many of these ancient elements have been utilized for reasons relating to alternative healing and overall spiritual assistance.

Each crystal or gemstone has unique proprietary benefits on the body and the mind of an individual. Through the emittance of positive energy and distinct frequencies, crystals have the ability to change the mental or physical state of an individual.

Vision and Mission

Our goal is to ultimately enable clients to most effectively achieve the spiritual, mental, and physical healing benefits of various crystal elements. Furthermore, much of our efforts are delegated towards the design of contemporary products.

Rest assured, our products are made from natural, ethically sourced, and high quality raw materials. Each of the crystals featured within the various products in our store are handcrafted to perfection. As a client, you will obtain an idiosyncratic treasure of your own.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aside from the obvious obligation for any business to adhere to their respective legal business environment, Shiva's Stone proudly goes above and beyond to give back to less fortunate global elements. 

Upon the creation of forecasted financial statements, Shiva's Stone delegates a cumulative 10% of all net profits towards achieving the ultimate goal of giving back to less fortunate global elements. Learn more about our initiatives in the "About Us" dropdown menu.

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