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Purple Crystals: Meanings, Healing Properties, and More

Purple Crystals: Meanings, Healing Properties, and More

Crystals like amethyst have been hailed for their potential to help people achieve higher states of awareness since ancient Greece, making purple crystals some of the most stunning and majestic in the mineral realm. There are many different shapes, sizes, and colours of crystals. Each hue has an own story to tell, symbolism to use, and healing properties. We'll examine the symbolic significance and therapeutic benefits of a purple crystal today.

Purple Crystals: Meanings, Healing Properties, and More

Table of Contents

  1. Purple Crystal Meanings
  2. Healing Properties of Purple Crystals
  3. Purple Crystals for Crown Chakra
  4. The Most Popular Purple Crystals
  5. Crystal Water Bottles: The Best Way to Use Purple Crystals

Purple Crystal Meanings

Royalty, strength, and elegance are all connected with purple crystals. They are also considered to stand for spirituality, knowledge, and serenity. According to legend, purple crystals are especially beneficial for opening the third eye chakra and enhancing psychic powers.

Many upscale jewellery retailers carry purple crystals, which are frequently used in pricey fashion items like tiaras and crowns.

Additionally, amethyst is mentioned especially in ancient Chinese tradition. At order to encourage prosperous commercial endeavours, it is fairly typical to see some type of amethyst geode in most shops. This stone is regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Purple Crystal Meanings

Healing Properties of Purple Crystals

The Greek term "amethustus," which means "toxicity cleanser," is the origin of the word "amethyst," which is possibly the most well-known purple crystal.

Healing abilities have long been connected to purple crystals. They were utilised in the past to ward off evil spirits and promote mental calmness.

Purple crystals are still highly regarded today for their capacity to foster harmony and balance. It's thought that purple crystals can help with addictions, rage, anxiety, and sadness.

Purple crystals can aid to quiet the mind and encourage more in-depth levels of meditation. Purple crystals can provide wisdom and insight for the user for individuals looking for spiritual direction.

Purple Crystal Meanings

Purple Crystals for Crown Chakra

Purple is typically connected to the Crown Chakra. As the highest point of Chakra alignment connecting us to our higher selves, it is thought to be the most powerful of all the chakras.

The element of ether is likewise linked to the Crown Chakra. Ether is thought to be the most pure form of energy and may even be the origin of all other elements, according to researchers. Bringing harmony and peace into your life can be achieved by balancing the head chakra.

In light of this, purple gemstones support our ability to connect with our spiritual selves and unlock our full potential. These factors make purple gemstones popular for ritual and ceremonial purposes. Use a purple crystal when trying to materialize or meditate if you want to connect with your higher self or tap into your creative force.

Purple Crystals for Crown Chakra

The Most Popular Purple Crystal

Here are three of the most popular purple crystals:


The most well-known purple crystal on earth is probably amethyst. One of the first precious minerals, it was prized and lauded for its capacity to aid in the attainment of extremely high spiritual levels.

As was already established, the English word "amethyst" is derived from the Greek word "amethustus," which means "toxicity-purifier." Amethyst is still valued for its beauty and is frequently used as a lovely charm to bring luck, especially for economic endeavours and general success.

Amethyst Purple Crystal

Purple Fluorite:

Purple fluorite is a well-liked crystal because of its gorgeous lavender hue. But this crystal is thought to have strong energy that can be used for healing and defence in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

Fluorite is regarded as a very powerful crystal for removing impurities from and cleaning the aura. It is also said to be beneficial for achieving mental, physical, and spiritual balance. Purple fluorite has exceptional benefits for enhancing spiritual awareness and consciousness growth.

Additionally, it is thought that this crystal has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy by absorbing it. Purple fluorite is a fantastic choice if you want to improve your spiritual practise or just add a stunning crystal to your collection.

Purple Fluorite crystal

Purple Tourmaline:

Although tourmaline is a gemstone that comes in a wide range of hues, purple tourmaline is particularly stunning and uncommon. Tourmaline is thought to strengthen the immune system, enhance circulation, and reduce stress in addition to its gorgeous hue.

Purple Tourmaline Crystal

Crystal Water Bottles: The Best Way to Use Purple Crystals

Using a Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottle to make a crystal elixir is one of the best methods to employ purple crystals. It's an easy and enjoyable way to have your favourite purple crystals close to you while drinking water throughout the day.

You can safely add crystal energy to your water by choosing one of our many different Crystal Water Bottle combos. One of the most well-liked purple crystals is amethyst, which we offer in our crystal water bottles as shown below:

Purple Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle

We exclusively use genuine crystals and gemstones in our reusable bottles, which are all constructed of BPA-free glass. We provide a range of water bottle options for everyone to use. Some of which are naturally composed of bamboo, while others have designated areas for tea infusion and fruit infusion!

The best thing is that, because of our collaboration with One Tree Planted, we plant a tree in the continent of your choosing for each bottle sold.

Thanks to the jewels we have at Shiva's Stone, we have so far planted thousands of trees! We are overjoyed to inform you that switching to a Crystal Water Bottle has had a significant influence on the environment!


Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle with Purple Crystal

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