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Blue Crystals: Meanings, Healing Properties, and More

Crystals exist in a variety of forms, dimensions, and hues. Each hue has a certain meaning, symbolism, and physical characteristics. Today, we'll delve deeply into the symbolic significance and therapeutic benefits of blue gemstones.

Blue Crystals: Meanings, Healing Properties, and More

    Blue Crystal Meanings

    Blue crystals stand for communication, loyalty, and truth. You can express yourself authentically and find your voice with their assistance. Blue gemstones are frequently used to relieve anxiety and stress because they have a calming impact on the mind and body.

    The element of water is also linked to blue crystals. Water is supple, cleansing, abundant, and unending; it engulfed all things yet was unaffected by them; it brought life but was unaffected by it.

    These crystals are frequently linked to trust, tranquilly, and calmness. We can connect with our higher selves and learn to trust our intuition with their assistance.

    Blue Crystal Meanings

    Healing Properties of Blue Crystals

    The virtues that sustain peace and harmony—trust, faith, patience, and respect—are brought to you by blue crystals. When you are under mental or physical stress, use blue gemstones to chill and soothe your emotions.

    You can use blue crystals in many different ways, such as carrying them around with you, wearing them as jewellery, or utilising a crystal water bottle to create crystal elixirs. There are numerous varieties of blue crystals to pick from, each offering a special set of advantages if you want to experience the healing power of blue crystals.

    For instance, sodalite is well recognized for its relaxing properties, while lapis lazuli is claimed to enhance creativity and intuition. The kind of blue crystal you select should ultimately depend on your unique requirements and ambitions.

    Healing Properties of Blue Crystals

    Blue Crystals for Throat Chakra

    The Throat Chakra's hue is blue, and blue gemstones can be utilised to balance, improve, and repair any imbalances in the Throat Chakra's alignment.

    The Throat Chakra is a source of inner strength and expression and serves as the body's voice. Speaking your truth could be tough if it is out of proportion. You can have shyness or communication issues. You will have straightforward communication and a strong feeling of self-expression if your throat chakra is balanced.

    Blue Crystals for Throat Chakra

    Blue Crystals for Third Eye Chakra

    Additionally, the Third Eye Chakra can be opened and healed with blue crystals. The centre of perception and consciousness is the Third Eye Chakra. It governs how clearly we can see, both physically and mentally.

    For this function, blue crystals are particularly useful. The stones sodalite, lapis lazuli, and blue lace agate energise the mind and improve your vision. They encourage dialogue and comprehension, providing you with the clarity you need to make informed choices.

    Additionally, blue crystals have a relaxing influence that encourages relaxation and faith in your intuition. You have a strong connection to your intuition and inner direction when your third eye chakra is balanced.

    You have faith in your capacity to make decisions and your own judgement. You are receptive to fresh perspectives and ideas. You can assist yourself reach these balanced states by using blue crystals for Third Eye Chakra healing.

    Blue Crystals for Third Eye Chakra

    The Most Popular Blue Crystals

    Here are four of the most popular blue crystals:

    Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue crystal that has been used for centuries for its stunning color and unique properties. In addition to being a popular gemstone, lapis lazuli is also thought to have some powerful healing properties. For example, it is said to be helpful in relieving stress and tension, promoting relaxation, and improving sleep quality.  


    Beautiful blue sodalite has been used for many years to encourage harmony and peace. For those who work in customer service or other people-focused sectors, sodalite is a great stone because it is thought to be particularly useful in fostering communication and understanding.

    Additionally, sodalite is thought to promote logical thinking and mental clarity, making it a beneficial stone for anyone who has to concentrate on a task at hand, including students. For people who deal with anxiety or tension, sodalite is an excellent option because it is also considered to offer relaxing effects.

    Sodalite is a great option if you want to spread peace and understanding or just appreciate the beauty of this blue stone.


    The mineral beryl comes in a blue variant called aquamarine. It is considered to have a lot of advantages and receives its name from the Latin term for ocean. Some people think that aquamarine can assist to ease anxiety and foster emotions of serenity. Additionally, it is thought to be beneficial for those who are battling addiction since it fosters emotions of separation from addictive substances.

    Additionally, aquamarine is said to benefit in communication by encouraging concise and clear speech. Additionally, it is thought to open the throat chakra, which is linked to self-expression.

    Beautiful crystal aquamarine has healing properties for the body as well as the mind.

    Blue Sandstone

    Blue sandstone is a motivating stone that gives you a sense of strength, boldness, and self-assurance. When taken deliberately, it is believed to increase motivation and focus.

    Crystal Water Bottles: The Best Way to Use Blue Crystals

    Making a crystal elixir in a Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottle is a great way to put those blue gems to good use. A fun and practical way to carry your favourite blue gems with you all day long while staying hydrated.

    We offer hundreds of Crystal Water Bottle combinations which allow you to infuse your water safely with crystal energy. Lapis lazuli, blue sandstone and aquamarine are just some of the best blue crystals which we offer in our Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottles.

    All of our Crystal Water Bottles are made from BPA-free glass and ethically sourced crystals and gemstones. From the proceeds of every bottle sold, we also plant a tree in the continent of your choice, thanks to our partnership with One Tree Planted.

    Crystal Water Bottles: The Best Way to Use Blue Crystals

    FAQs About Blue Crystals

    Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding blue crystals:

    What are some unique ways to incorporate blue crystals in daily routines?

    Blue crystals can be used during meditation for deeper relaxation, or carried in your pocket during public speaking events to enhance communication skills.

    How do blue crystals interact with intentions or manifestations around clarity or communication?

    Blue crystals, aligning with clarity and communication energy, can amplify intentions or manifestations focusing on these aspects, whether it's personal clarity or interpersonal communication.

    What's a unique method for cleansing or charging blue crystals in line with their natural energy?

    Placing blue crystals under moonlight could be a unique charging method, resonating with the calm and clear energy of the moon that aligns with these stones.

    Can combining blue crystals with crystals of other colors yield distinct healing effects?

    Absolutely. Pairing blue crystals (calmness, communication) with other color crystals can create unique healing synergies. For example, combining blue with pink (love, tenderness) can facilitate loving, clear communication.

    The Best Way to Use Blue Crystals

    To Wrap Up

    In this article, we dove into the symbolism and curative powers of blue gemstones. We explored the third eye chakra's role in fostering intuitive and psychic perception, as well as the throat chakra's potential for opening and healing with the help of blue gemstones.

    Finally, we discussed how to get the most out of Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottles. Benefit from blue crystals all day long by sipping from your bottle.

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