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Benefits of Crystals on Your Mind and Body

People have been using crystals as a way to eliminate stress and anxiety from their life, while grounding their energy and boosting their focus. Although this practice has been around for centuries in many cultures, it has only started gaining popularity in others.

What are the benefits of crystals on your mind and body

    These distinct elements have been praised for their ability to aid in achieving a superior consciousness. Crystal therapy can help you unwind, relax and focus on those things that really matter. Their uniquely distinct benefits reach far beyond the scope of their evident beauty. 

    Here you can find out about the benefits provided by a some of the most popular healing crystals found in our Crystal Water Bottles!

    What Are the Benefits of Quartz?

    Because quartz is a natural energy conductor, it is a good idea to have it close to your skin or in your water. It increases your energy flow organically, pushes the envelope, and makes it simple for you to express yourself successfully and intuitively. This stone also aids in meditation and attention span improvement. Many people think that quartz might help you see clearly when you're overwhelmed or bewildered. 

     Clear Quartz Crystal Benefits

    What Are the Benefits of Amethyst?

    Derived from the Greek word "amethustus", which is translated to "toxicity-purifier" Amethyst is renowned for its innate sedative and stress-relieving properties; just staring at this stone emits a relaxing aura. Amethyst is a fantastic choice to raise your spiritual awareness and cosmic consciousness.

         Amethyst Stone Benefits

    What Are the Benefits of Aventurine?

    Green aventurine is referred to as the earth-crystal and sends natural healing frequencies through your body. Green aventurine is frequently positioned close to plants to promote development! Last but not least, this stone also acts as a natural shield against the electromagnetic pollution that cell phones and other electronics emit.

     Green Aventurine Benefits

    What Are the Benefits of Obsidian?

    Obsidian is a safeguarding stone that aims to protect you from all harm. Negative energies that are present around you might also be absorbed. Additionally, it relieves tension and anxiety and promotes growth on all levels. You will find it simpler to explore the unknown and overcome any difficulties as a result.

    Obsidian Crystal BenefitsShivas Stone Crystal Water Bottles

    There is no doubting the significant, advantageous effects crystals can have on your life. Simply purchasing a crystal water bottle can assist give your water the wonderful qualities that the desired crystal offers.

    Due to the fact that all of our Crystal Water Bottles are made of 100% BPA-free borosilicate glass, they don't emit the bad tastes and odours that metal and plastic bottles do. The twist-off base and lid are either constructed of natural bamboo or stainless steel, depending on the style chosen.

    It's an intriguing and enjoyable way for you to always have access to these crystals. Which of the hundreds of combinations available in Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottles is calling to you?

    Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottle Benefits

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