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Best Ways to Use Crystals and Gemstones in Your Daily Life

Did you know that for millennia, people have utilized crystals and gemstones for luck, healing, and other purposes? It's believed that the positive energy these natural beauties contain can enhance our lives in a variety of ways. This blog post will cover the advantages of working with crystals and gemstones as well as some practical advice for using them every day.

How to Use Crystals: Healing, Luck Protection and More

What Are Crystals and What They Do

Crystals are stunning and fascinating works of nature that have been used for their therapeutic capabilities for millennia. But what are crystals exactly, and how do they function?

Crystals are just minerals that have been created over millions of years from the molten rock of the earth. They have a particular shape because of the way their molecules are arranged in a pattern that repeats. Crystals might be microscopic or enormous in size, and they can be any shape or colour.

Crystals have many functions, despite the fact that some people may think of them as nothing more than attractive rocks. Crystals, for instance, can be used to concentrate and enhance energy, which makes them perfect for use in healing or meditation. Additionally, each variety of crystal has a special frequency that can be used to bring about a sense of harmony inside the body.

In the end, crystals are interesting items that have a number of applications for enhancing your physical and mental health.

What Crystals Are and What They Do

How to Choose the Right Crystals for You

There are 3 main ways that can help you choose a crystal:


Examine each crystal's characteristics to determine which one corresponds to your search. Citrine is an excellent crystal, for instance, if you've been feeling down and want something to bring some light into your life. Citrine is reputed to draw joy and happiness into your life and fill it with uplifting, vivid energy.


Examine the many crystals to determine which one is "speaking" to you. It's well known that crystals and their holders have a special bond. Frequently, you may "sense" the gemstone you need. You'll know when you'll know!

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

There is a strong link between crystals and zodiac signs. In our Zodiac Sign collection, we offer astrological crystal mixtures. Each blend has been specifically chosen for you based on your sign. The easiest method to feel several crystals at once is to do it this manner. From there, you can gradually add more crystals to your collection!

How to Use Crystals in Your Daily Life

Crystals are stunning, enigmatic semi-precious stones that have been exploited for their alleged therapeutic capabilities since ancient times. Here are some suggestions for using crystals in your regular activities.

Wear Crystals as Jewelry

Crystals can easily be incorporated into your daily life by being worn as jewellery. A crystal that speaks to you should be worn near to the skin. Popular crystals for this purpose include Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz (for love and compassion), among others (for courage and strength).

Wear crystals as jewelry

Carry a Crystal with You

Carrying a crystal in your pocket or bag is another method to keep it around. Once more, pick a crystal that has significance for you and keep it in your palm whenever you need an energy boost or good vibrations.

Carry a crystal with you

Make a Crystal Elixir

Water that has been infused with one or more crystal energies is what makes up a crystal elixir. Elixirs made from crystals can be utilised for a number of things, such as healing, manifesting, and spiritual protection.

While pure and filtered water is commonly used to make crystal elixirs, some individuals also love adding fruits, herbs, or tea to make a stronger concoction with greater health advantages.

Having said that, crystal elixirs can be an effective instrument for personal development and change. They can support you in realising your objectives, safeguard your energy or aura, and strengthen your bond with nature when utilised carefully.

Making a crystal elixir can be done in a variety of methods, but using a crystal water bottle is frequently regarded as the most effective one.

Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottles are an amazing way to hydrate yourself with throughout the day while keeping your favourite crystals near at all times! All of the crystals which we offer in the direct-infusion style (wand point flasks) are water-safe.

Crystal Water Bottle Obsidian Crystal

Safety is the number one priority at Shivas Stone, which is why we've created a Crystal Water Bottle style which separates the crystals from the water using a divisional glass barrier (infusion flasks -bamboo flasks - zodiac crystal water bottles - special crystal blend bottle).

Bamboo Crystal Water Bottle Citrine Blog

This indirect infusion style prevents water from making direct contact with crystals like labradorite or lapis lazuli which are toxic and should never be ingested.

The Benefits of Using Crystals

Since ancient times, crystals have been used for healing and their mystical abilities. Crystals are prized nowadays for their aesthetic appeal and distinctive energies.

Every form of crystal has a distinctive vibration that can be used to advance physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. For instance, ruby is connected to passion and vitality, while amethyst is renowned as a calming stone.

It is crucial to choose a crystal that connects with your intention when making your selection. For instance, you would select a crystal like rose quartz if you wanted to attract more love into your life. On the other hand, black tourmaline is an excellent choice if you're searching for protection because it's thought to act as a natural negative energy absorber.

Crystals can be a potent aid in your path to wellness, whether you're looking for spiritual or physical healing.

The Benefits of Using Crystals

Crystal Healing Tips

Utilizing crystals or gemstones to encourage balance and wellbeing is known as crystal healing. According to crystal healers, each form of crystal has certain qualities that can assist to correct various imbalances.

Working with crystals has proven to be beneficial for many people in reducing stress and anxiety. Here are some pointers to get you started if you're interested in learning more about crystal healing:

Research a Crystal That Resonates with You

It's crucial to select the ideal crystals for your requirements. There are numerous varieties of crystals, each with an own energy. Find crystals that speak to you and are related to the areas of your life that you want to improve by doing some research.

Research for a crystal that resonates with you

Cleanse Your Crystals

After choosing your crystals, spend some time cleansing them before using. You can do this by rinsing them with cool water or by smudging them with a stick of white sage. The crystals can be cleaned to help get rid of any bad energy and get them ready for use.

Cleanse your crystals

Have Clear Intentions

It's crucial to work with intention when using crystal healing to get the most out of it. Spend a time clearing your mind and concentrating on your intentions before using your stones. It will be easier for you to benefit from your experience if you have a clear objective, whether you're looking for physical or emotional equilibrium.

Have clear intentions

Working with crystals can be an effective technique to encourage relaxation and well-being when done with these suggestions in mind. As you learn more about this interesting technique, trust your gut and have fun experimenting with all the numerous ways crystals can improve your life.

A Guide to the Chakras and How to Heal Them With Crystals

Along the spine are energy centres known as chakras. Each of the seven primary chakras has a different colour and element attached to it. For instance, the earth element and the colour red are related to the root chakra. The violet colour and the spirit element are connected to the head chakra. Each chakra also controls particular bodily functions and our general well-being.

We feel wholesome and healthy when our chakras are in balance. We may, however, encounter problems with our bodily, emotional, or mental health when they fall out of balance. Using crystals is one approach to restore the chakras' equilibrium. You can select a crystal that matches the chakra you want to repair because different crystals correspond to various chakras.

For instance, you may utilize a red jasper crystal to treat your root chakra. You could utilize an amethyst crystal to cure your head chakra. You can aid in the healing and balancing of your chakras by meditating while wearing or carrying these crystals.

A Guide to the Chakras and How to Heal Them With Crystals

In Conclusion,

A strong natural resource that can be used to enhance your daily life is crystals. You can reap a variety of advantages by picking the right crystals and using them properly, including enhanced spiritual development, better health, and improved moods.

You may find a wide range of crystal and gemstone-related products at our shop. From 925 sterling silver jewellery and crystal water bottles to more unique and priceless crystal goods, we have it all!

We are confident that you will discover something you will enjoy, whether you are looking for a gift for a particular someone or simply want to indulge yourself. If you are not completely pleased with any of our products, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee and can return it without problem.

Last but not least, be sure to check out our other informative blogs on everything crystal healing if you're keen to learn more about how crystals function or want to start implementing them into your own life!


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