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How do Crystal Water Bottles Work?

Have you ever wondered how and why those lovely crystal water bottles function? In such case, you're not alone. We at Shivas Stone are frequently questioned about the operation of our crystal bottles and whether they have any discernible health advantages. The short answer is "yes"! So if you're curious to find out the answers to these questions, keep reading!

How do Crystal Water Bottles work?

    How Do Crystal Water Bottles Work?

    Masaru Emoto, a Japanese pseudoscientist, tested the existence of life and consciousness in water in 2004. He studied the structure of water molecules at the molecular level under diverse stimuli, such as positive and negative phrases, prayers, and different types of music.

    When the samples were frozen, he found that water was quite responsive in producing specific crystal shapes. Water is extraordinarily sensitive to energy, and Masaru Emoto found that it is also quite aware of its surroundings. He ultimately decided to write about his research discoveries and publish the New York Times best-selling book Hidden Messages in Water.

    Why is this significant, you ask? When we discuss the method of your water's crystal infusion, the idea of water consciousness is crucial to take into account. Other crystals and gemstones can also absorb, store, and release energy, much as how a Rolex watches uses quartz for its vibrational energy.

    How Do Crystal Water Bottles Work?

    When crystals and gemstones are immersed in water, the water molecules absorb the energy they have been holding in reserve. As we previously discussed, crystals radiate positive energy, and since water is sensitive to the energy surrounding it, infusing your water with crystal energy is a simple matter of combining the two.

    Since 60% of an adult human body is water, you are what you drink, after all. The millions of water particles that enter your body are charged with positive energy, which has tremendous good effects on your body when you hydrate it with crystal-infused water.

    Aventurine Crystal Water Bottle

    What Are the Advantages of Crystal Infused Water?

    Drinking rejuvenated water is a great place to start if you want to take action to enhance your health and wellness. Improved digestion, an increased metabolism, a decrease in inflammation, and most significantly, improved hydration are just a few advantages of crystal-infused water.

    Using a crystal bottle makes drinking water a fun and interesting activity in addition to the health advantages. It's a fantastic idea that really aids in weight loss and turns staying hydrated into a fun instead of a difficult effort.

    You can increase your motivation and sharpen your concentration on success by taking crystal-infused can water on a regular basis. Your body is pushed to new heights when crystal energy is injected into it. When you drink crystal-infused water, the vibration of the stone is ultimately transmitted to your body.

    What Are the Benefit of Crystal Infused Water?

    What Crystal Is for Me?

    Find a crystal that resonates with you and the goals you have in mind if you want to get the most out of it. To choose which crystal has the qualities that best suit your objectives, consult Shiva's Stone Crystal Guide. Additionally, we have included the three major approaches to finding the ideal gemstone for you below.


    Examine each crystal's characteristics to determine which one corresponds to your search. Citrine is a crystal that is popular for its capacity to draw joy and happiness into your life. This golden or yellow gemstone brings colourful, uplifting energy into your life. To learn everything there is to know about a specific crystal, consult the Shiva's Stone Crystal Guide!


    Examine the many crystals to determine which one is "speaking" to you. Some individuals think that crystals form an intimate bond with the person holding them. It's typical to "feel" attracted to particular crystals. If you sense a strong connection, that crystal most likely contains everything you require.

    Zodiac Signs

    Crystals and zodiac signs have a profound link. In our Zodiac Sign Collection, we offer astrological crystal mixtures. Each mix has been carefully chosen to complement the energy of your zodiac sign. This technique makes it simple to feel several crystals at once. Your crystal collection might grow gradually over time!

    Best Crystal Water Bottles

    One of the most powerful ways to harness the healing energy of crystals is by using a crystal water bottle. The crystal bottle curates a crystal elixir by submerging water-safe crystals in your water or keeping crystals near your water that may not be water-safe.

    With that being said, the absolute best way to make a crystal elixir is by using a Shivas Stone crystal water bottle. We offer two styles of crystal bottles:

    Direct-Infusion Crystal Bottles

    These designs involve a water-safe crystal tower that makes direct contact with the water for optimal crystal infusion. (Obsidian Crystal Water Bottle showcased below).

    Obsidian Crystal Water Bottle

    Indirect-Infusion Crystal Water Bottles

    This design incorporates a glass barrier between the water and crystals, ensuring that the two never make direct contact. This style allows you to enjoy the healing properties of crystals which are not safe for water contact. (Lapis Lazuli Bamboo Crystal Water Bottle showcased below).

    Lapis Lazuli Bamboo Crystal Water Bottle

    The Shivas Stone crystal water bottle is ideal for people who wish to stay hydrated while keeping their favourite crystals and gemstones around. Each bottle is crafted of BPA-free borosilicate glass and is filled with the finest natural crystals available. Each crystal is ethically obtained from global miners that practise sustainable mining methods!

    The best part is that we donate a tree to the continent of your choosing every time you buy a crystal water bottle from Shiva's Stone. We have the chance to help with the recovery of well-known ecosystems like the Amazonian Rainforest because of our collaboration with One Tree Planted!

    One crystal bottle at a time, we can contribute to the abolition of single-use plastic bottles, encourage reforestation, and inform our friends and family about the holistic field of crystal therapy!

    One Tree Planted and Shivas Stone

    FAQs About Crystal Water Bottles

    What is the concept behind a crystal water bottle?

    Crystal water bottles are based on the belief that gemstones can transfer their unique energetic properties into water, creating an "elixir" that can promote well-being.

    How does a crystal water bottle work?

    A crystal water bottle contains a chamber that houses a natural crystal. As water remains in contact with the crystal, it is said to absorb the crystal's vibrational energy.

    What types of crystals are used in crystal water bottles?

    Various types of crystals can be used, each believed to have different benefits. Common choices include clear quartz for clarity, rose quartz for love, and amethyst for calmness.

    How do I choose the right crystal for my water bottle?

    The right crystal depends on your personal needs or intentions. Research each crystal's properties or consult a crystal guide to help choose the most suitable one.

    Are there any safety precautions to consider with crystal water bottles?

    Absolutely. Not all crystals are safe for direct contact with water. Some may contain harmful substances that can leach into the water. Always purchase from a reputable company that ensures their crystals are safe for use.

    How does a crystal bottle work?

    In Conclusion

    We sincerely hope that we were able to address all of your concerns in this blog post regarding the efficacy of healing crystals and the advantages of creating crystal-infused water. This is a long-standing holistic healing method that has been handed down from Ancient Greece through India and then to China, and it is currently gaining favour swiftly in the West.

    Shivas Stone offers thousands of natural crystal combinations in a variety of crystal bottle designs. Some of these crystal combinations are specially crafted for specific purposes and intended results, while others are specially chosen to complement the energy of your zodiac sign.

    Last but not least, follow the link to the Shivas Stone Crystal Guide to discover more about the characteristics, advantages, and zodiac compatibility of crystals. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries about the advantages of crystals and gemstones so that we can help you on your crystal journey.

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