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Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Consciousness

Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Consciousness

It's always a good idea to think outside the box if you want to improve your health. In this blog, we'll talk about water's true consciousness and any health benefits it might provide.

Table of Contents:

  1. Masaru Emoto live water experiment 
  2. What effect do crystals have on water?
  3. What crystals are the best for crystal infused water?
  4. What are the benefits of crystal infused water?
  5. How to choose the right crystal for me
  6. Choose the right Crystal Water Bottle for you 

Masaru Emoto Water Experiment:

In 2004, a Japanese pseudo-scientist by the name of Masaru Emoto carried out an investigation on the existence of consciousness and life in water. He studied the microscopic structure of water particles after they were subjected to numerous stimuli, including positive and negative statements, prayers, and various musical genres.

He discovered that water was particularly responsive in forming particular crystal forms after freezing the samples. The frozen crystal structure would appear lifeless after being subjected to things like loud heavy metal music or phrases and sentences with malicious intent. On the other hand, the crystal structure of the frozen water would create lovely and symmetrical designs when subjected to classical music and prayer texts.

Masaru Emoto came to the conclusion that water is highly responsive to energy and extremely aware of its immediate surroundings. He then wrote the book Hidden Messages in Water, which went on to become a great seller according to the New York Times.


Masaru Emoto Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottle

What effect do crystals have on water?

Because they can provide signals with extremely accurate vibrational frequency, crystals like quartz have become common in items like wrist watches. You undoubtedly own a quartz-powered watch, but you might not have been aware of its use until now.

We now know that crystals radiate a special positive energy and that water reacts to the energy around them. When you combine the two, crystal energy is added to your water. Since 60% of an adult human body is water, you are what you drink, after all. The millions of water particles that enter your body are charged with positive energy, which has tremendous good effects on your body when you hydrate it with crystal-infused water.

What crystals are the best for crystal infused water?

As we already know, each crystal has its fair share of benefits, so having it near you in the form of crystal water can indeed make a difference. Just remember, not all crystals are safe for direct water contact and consumption.

That is why Shiva's Stone has created two distinct variations of the Crystal Water Bottle: the direct-infusion style (wand point flasks) which is water-safe and the indirect-infusion style which separate the crystals from the water using a glass barrier (infusion flasks -bamboo flasks - zodiac crystal blend bottles - special crystal blend bottle). This ensures that you can realize the benefits of your favourite crystals, including those which should not be in contact with water.

Opalite Crystal Water Bottle Emoto Benefits

What are the benefits of crystal infused water?

In addition to being advantageous, using a Crystal Water Bottle makes drinking water a fun and interesting activity. It's a fantastic idea that makes staying hydrated fun rather than a hassle and greatly aids in weight loss.

When you consume crystal water, you become much more driven, focus on development, and make commitments to achievement. It constantly elevates the experience to new levels. When you drink crystal-infused water, the vibration of the stone is finally transmitted to your body. Every time you drink that water, it keeps you feeling cheerful and rejuvenated.

Crystal Infused Water Shivas Stone Water Bottle

How to choose the right crystal for me:

Finding a gemstone that resonates with you and your intended result is ideal. To determine which crystal has the qualities that meet your objectives, consult the Shiva's Stone Crystal Guide. Due to its composition of silicon and oxygen, quartz is a fantastic choice. Few people are aware that silicon not only maintains the connective tissue in your joints and helps to maintain skin integrity, but it also lowers the chance of damage and keeps the blood vessels robust and flexible.

shivas stone gemstone bottle

Choose the right Crystal Water Bottle for you:

The next thing to do is to really do something now that you've learned about the advantages of crystal-infused water. Drinking water doesn't have to be dull; in fact, it may be both enjoyable and advantageous. Find the ideal Crystal Water Bottle for you or a loved one and stop consuming stagnant water permanently.

Shiva's Stone donates 1 tree for every Crystal Water Bottle sold in the continent of your choosing, allowing you to feel good about the difference you've made for both the environment and your body.

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