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Protection Crystal: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

In the present day, it is more important than ever to safeguard your energy. It makes sense that more and more individuals are turning to protection crystals for assistance given the amount of negative energy around us on the daily basis. But how can you tell which crystals are the greatest for protection when there are so many different kinds available? Find out by reading on!

    Best Crystals for Protection

    Crystals come in a wide range of varieties and can be utilized for protection. We list the most popular crystals that are thought to encourage a sense of security or act as natural absorbers of negative energy below.


    When it comes to the best gemstone for protection, without a question, Obsidian holds the top spot. Due to its capacity to repel negative energy, the crystal is commonly referred to as the "crystal of protection." Many warriors would use obsidian in the amulets they wore before battle because, according to crystal specialists, it may protect the user from harm and ward off negativity.

    Strength and bravery are two traits that are necessary for overcoming any unpleasant situations you may encounter in life, and obsidian is known to foster these characteristics. Powerful obsidian has been utilised by societies all across the world for centuries. It is still a well-liked option today for individuals looking to exploit its defending qualities.

    Best Crystals for Protection Obsidian


    Amethyst has been used for protection throughout recorded history. Ancient Greeks praised amethyst for helping with obsessive behaviour and addictions; strangely, the word amethyst is derived from the Greek word "amethustus," which means "toxicity-purifier."

    This stone with a violet tint is reputed to protect against bad vibes and encourage optimistic thinking. Amethyst is thought to embody the violet flame's energy, which is linked to healing, transmutation, and protection. When you're going through a difficult period or feeling overpowered by negativity, it's an excellent crystal to keep around.

    Through aided meditation, amethyst stones can help to purify and balance the energy in your head. A lot of cultures also frequently maintain an amethyst geode as a lovely adornment that can purify the energy of its surroundings. Amethyst is a great choice if you want to protect yourself from outside influences or just want a stone that makes you feel wonderful.

    Best Crystals for Protection Amethyst

    Clear Quartz

    Clear quartz is one of the most prevalent crystals in the world and has been utilised for therapeutic purposes for many years. Because it amplifies the energy of other crystals and helps with chakra cleansing and alignment, clear quartz is known as the "Master Healer" stone. It can help you more easily detect negativity in your life by protecting and cleansing your third eye chakra.

    The mind and the body can both be cleansed and energised with the help of clear quartz. It helps release unproductive thought and behaviour patterns while bringing harmony and balance to the emotions. Overall, clear quartz is a really potent healing crystal that may be utilised to strengthen several facets of your mind, body, and spirit while also providing protection.

    Best Crystals for Protection Clear Quartz


    Citrine is a stunning crystal with a yellow to golden tint that offers a number of advantages. Because it is thought to encourage success, prosperity, and abundance, it is referred to as a "success" stone. Citrine is renowned for its shielding properties. It is reputed to absorb negative energy, purify the aura, and shield the user from dangerous individuals and dangerous circumstances.

    Citrine is a potent crystal that has numerous applications for enhancing your life. Citrine can be the ideal crystal for you if you're looking for success, wealth, or protection.

    Best Crystals for Protection Citrine

    How To Use Protection Crystals

    Now that you know some of the best crystals for protection, you might be wondering how to use them for their protective and healing properties.

    Tumbled Stones

    Keeping them in your pocket or wallet as small tumbling stones, worry stones, or gravel is one of the greatest ways to use them. This makes it simple for you to travel with your preferred gemstones and crystals, even on a plane for a vacation!


    Wearing crystals in the form of jewelry can help keep their protective energies close to you so that you can benefit from them throughout the day. You can check the Shivas Stone crystal necklace collection, crystal bracelet collection, and crystal earring collection by clicking the links. All of our crystal jewelry is made from premium and entirely natural crystals that have been ethically sourced all over the globe.

    How To Use Protection Crystals: Jewelry

    Crystal Decor

    Another great way to use them is by placing them around your home in areas where you spend a lot of time - such as by your bedside or in your living room. This helps create a bubble of protective energy around you and your space. Crystal towers, crystal lamps, crystal sun catchers, and a feng shui crystal tree are all stunning pieces that can brighten up any setting with crystal energy!

    How To Use Protection Crystals: Crystal Decor

    Crystal Water Bottles

    Lastly, perhaps one of the most powerful ways to harness the protective energy of crystals is by making your crystal-infused water, which is commonly known as a "crystal elixir". The process involves submerging water-safe crystals in your water or keeping crystals near your water that may not be water-safe. This process rejuvenates your water at a microscopic level, infusing each water molecule with positive, crystal healing energy.

    With that being said, the absolute best way to make a crystal elixir is by using a Shivas Stone crystal water bottle. We offer two styles of crystal infused bottles:

    Direct-Infusion Crystal Bottles

    These crystal bottles involve a water-safe crystal tower which makes direct contact with the water for optimal crystal infusion. (Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle showcased below).

    How To Use Protection Crystals: Crystal Water Bottle

    Indirect-Infusion Crystal Bottles

    This design incorporates a glass barrier between the water and crystals, ensuring that the two never make direct contact. This style allows you to enjoy the healing properties of crystals which are not safe for water contact. (Citrine Bamboo Crystal Water Bottle showcased below).

    How To Use Protection Crystals: Crystal Infused Water Bottle

    By switching to a Shivas Stone crystal water bottle, you can have your favourite crystals and gemstones close to you while still staying hydrated all day long! Each bottle contains the finest natural crystals that have been sustainably collected from every continent and is made of BPA-free borosilicate glass.

    The best part is that Shiva's Stone will donate a tree to the continent of your choosing for each crystal water bottle that you purchase from us. We have the chance to help with the recovery of well-known ecosystems like the Amazonian Rainforest because of our collaboration with One Tree Planted!

    We can reduce the usage of single-use plastic bottles, aid in reforestation, and inform our friends and family about the holistic field of crystal therapy one crystal bottle at a time!

    Shivas Stone One Tree Planted Reforestation

    Wrapping Up

    Consider using one or all of the crystals we described in this blog if you want more protection in your life. When it comes to diverting unneeded negativity from your life, effective choices include obsidian, amethyst, clear quartz, and citrine. To benefit from their protective qualities, keep in mind that you can wear them as jewellery, carry them in your pocket, prepare crystal-infused water (elixirs), or use them as decor around your home.

    Furthermore, you can visit the Shivas Stone Crystal Guide by clicking on the link if you're interested in knowing more about the qualities, advantages, and zodiac compatibility of crystals. Finally, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions about using crystals and gemstones for protection. We will help you on your crystal journey.


    Protection Crystals Conclusion

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