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Raw Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Everyone loves the hypnotic beauty of crystals - but have you ever wondered what else they can offer? At Shivas Stone, we believe raw crystals possess remarkable energetic properties beyond their mesmerizing aesthetics. Curious about these ethereal stones?

This article is here to demystify them and answer all your questions: from how to identify real crystal specimens and where to find them, through looking after a precious crystal in its natural state. Discover something new today!

Amethyst Raw Crystal

How to Identify Raw Crystals

Have you ever stumbled upon a mysterious rock and wondered if it could be something special? You can use several methods to determine whether your find is an authentic crystal. First, look at the surface of the stone - genuine crystals have distinct facets that create uniform geometric patterns. If this fails, grab a magnifying glass!

Real crystals will appear clear under magnification while fakes may show cloudy or grainy irregularities. As one final indicator, hold up your discovery to see if has natural sparkle present; any shimmering vibrancy from within suggests its authenticity as a crystal.

Where to Find Natural Crystals

From the depths of a mine to cavernous caves, raw crystals can be found all around the globe. Explorers from Brazil to India have discovered some stunning specimens over time - though as exciting as it may sound, its vital for crystal collectors to stay informed about local laws and regulations before embarking on any treasure hunting journey! Canada for example has unique amethyst crystal mining sites which allow you to mine your own raw crystals safely.

Woman Holding Raw Crystals

How to Tell If Raw Crystals Are Fake

Purchasing genuine raw crystals can be a daunting task, especially in the midst of an ever-expanding market filled with imitations. To separate the real from the fake, it's important to keep your eyes open for small details like surface cracks and pits that occur naturally in quality stones - if something looks too perfect then you probably have a counterfeit on your hands!

Additionally, authentic crystals tend to weigh more than fakes due to their mineral content; use this as another indicator when navigating through potential purchases. Shiva's Stone offers hundreds of authentic crystal and gemstone products for you to choose including crystal water bottles, crystal gift sets, crystal decor and crystal necklaces!

Raw Crystal Water Bottle

How to Take Care of Raw Crystals

Unlock the power of raw crystals with a few simple steps! Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures or water so they remain in optimum condition. To further recharge their energy, bury your stones in soil or sea salt for several hours to give them an extra boost - alternatively place them under the light of a full moon for maximum cleansing benefit.

Cleansing Raw Crystals

FAQs About Raw Crystals

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the application, use cases and benefits of raw crystals:

What are the benefits of using raw crystals?

Raw crystals can offer an array of boons, from calming the mind and soothing tensions to sharpening concentration and stimulating creativity. By harnessing their power, you may be able to discover greater peace within yourself as well as improved physical wellbeing.

Can raw crystals be used for meditation?

Harness the power of natural crystals to enhance your meditation practice and tap into a deeper level of relaxation. Experience increased focus as you meditate with these natural tools, unlocking all their spiritual potential for an unforgettable journey within yourself!

How often should I cleanse my raw crystals?

It's important to keep them cleansed and humming with positive vibes! Recharge their energies by burying your stones in soil or sea salt - a great natural grounding technique. Or take advantage of the full moon – hold each crystal up under its tranquil light and let those lunar rays purify all negativity away. 

Are all raw crystals safe to use?

Crystals often come with an array of beneficial properties, however, it's essential to do your research before using any crystal for healing works as some may contain toxic substances! Be sure to check the stone’s safety so you can reap all its magical gifts safely. Moreover, if you're using raw crystals to create a crystal elixir (crystal infused water), then do your own research to make sure you are using water safe crystals to avoid consuming any toxic substances!

Can I wear raw crystals as jewelry?

Crystal jewelry is a fashionable and popular way to stay in tune with your wellbeing. Not only does it make an attractive addition to any outfit, but its raw energy can help promote positivity all around you all day.


Raw Crystal Products and Jewelry


Raw crystals hold a special place in many people's lives, not only for their beauty but also the wide range of benefits they offer. With proper guidance and care, you can use these raw gems to cultivate both physical and emotional health as well as enlightenment on your spiritual journey. At Shivas Stone, we strive to provide authentic, quality crystal products which foster an intimate connection with nature and yourself - all from one source!

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