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The Impact of Plastics on Our Planet

More single-use plastics than ever are being used by consumers. We use 500 million plastic products per day, including straws, drink bottles, clothing, and packaging. And even if they might seem useful at the time, the fact is that these things are seriously harming our world and our oceans.

    Impact of Plastics on the Ocean

    5.25 trillion pieces of plastic trash are thought to already be present in the world's oceans, and that figure is only rising. There is evidence that this pollution is seriously harming marine life, with plastic killing an estimated 100,000 species annually. Plastics pose a serious threat to the health of our oceans and the organisms that live there, from ingestion to entanglement.

    Shivas Stone Save The Planet

    Impact of Plastics on Land

    The issue is equally serious on land. Only 9% of the plastic we use is thought to be recycled, with the remainder either ending up in landfills or being burned. As a result of plastics' ability to release chemicals into the soil and water, this has an adverse effect not just on the environment but also on human health.

    Landfill Plastic Water

    How You Can Help Reduce Plastic Use

    The good news is that each of us can contribute to lessening the use of single-use plastics. Small adjustments can have a large impact, such as carrying a reusable water bottle or using reusable bags when shopping. For the benefit of our world and its inhabitants, let's resolve to make more environmentally responsible decisions in our daily lives.

    Shivas Stone Sustainable Crystal Water Bottle

    What Shiva's Stone Is Doing To Help Reduce Plastic

    Shiva's Stone has therefore made it a top priority to assist people in switching to reusable water bottles all across the world. Our unique Crystal Water Bottles were thoughtfully created with the environment in mind. In contrast to plastic water bottles that gradually leak hazardous micro plastics into your water, each Shiva's Stone Crystal Water Bottle is crafted of BPA-free glass, making it a safe option.

    Additionally, we are very thrilled when people feel like they have made a real difference, therefore with that in mind, we have partnered with One Tree Planted! We provide our clients the option to specify which continent they want us to plant a tree on their behalf for each bottle they purchase. This would not only lessen the pollution caused by plastics, but it will also assist to minimize our carbon impact.

    We have so far planted more than 10,000 trees worldwide (read more about: our impact). We've had a big impact on reforestation efforts in the most productive ecosystems in the world, like the Amazonian Rainforest, thanks to your support! By donating one Crystal Water Bottle at a time, help us change the world.

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