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The Ultimate Guide to Amethyst Jewelry

People have cherished amethyst jewelry from ancient Egypt to modern times for its stunning purple hue and unique properties. Likewise, people have cherished this gemstone from ancient Egypt to modern times for its beauty, spiritual significance, and calming qualities. We will explore the history, meanings, and popular styles of amethyst jewelry in this article.

Amethyst Jewelry

History of Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry has been sought after for its beauty and believed to possess calming energy for centuries, especially in ancient Egypt. In addition, its deep purple hue was said to ward off negative energy and protect the wearer, while in ancient Greece, it was thought to promote sobriety.

As a result, this gemstone made its way into the royalty European nobility's collections, often used to adorn their crowns or as a centerpiece of rings and necklaces. To this day, many people continue to enjoy wearing amethyst jewelry for its timeless elegance.

Properties and Meanings

Besides its captivating beauty, amethyst has been said to possess healing propertiesand spiritual significance. It is said to promote calmness, balance emotions, and enhance intuition. People often use amethyst jewelry during meditation to enhance their spiritual awareness. Additionally, amethyst is the birthstone of February, making it a popular choice for jewelry gifts.

Amethyst Ring

Popular Styles of Amethyst Jewelry

There is a wide variety of amethyst jewelry styles available to suit different tastes. Here are some popular styles:

Amethyst Earrings

From amethyst stud earrings to amethyst drop earringscrystal earrings are a classic and elegant addition to any jewelry collection.

Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst Pendants 

Wear it alone or layer it with other necklaces for a trendy look. Amethyst pendants add sophistication and charm to any outfit.

Amethyst Pendant

Amethyst Bracelets

Whether worn as a bangle, a cuff, or a chain bracelet, crystal bracelets add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst Rings

These rings come in various styles, from delicate and dainty to bold and chunky, making them an excellent choice for those seeking an eye-catching and unique piece of jewelry.

Amethyst Jewelry for Women

Amethyst Geodes

These hollow rock formations are lined with amethyst crystals and are often cut and polished into beautiful jewelry. Amethyst geode necklaces, for example, are a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, whether you prefer classic or trendy styles.

Amethyst Geode Necklace

Buying Amethyst Jewelry

When buying crystal jewelry, it's essential to ensure you get an authentic piece. Here are some things to take into account:

Check for Color and Clarity

It is important to find a stone that has a rich, vibrant color that has few inclusions or blemishes. The best quality amethysts have a deep, intense purple hue with flashes of red and blue.

Consider the Cut and Shape

The shape and cut of amethyst can also affect its beauty and value. Some popular shapes and cuts are round, oval, pear, and cushion.

Verify the Source

Buying amethyst jewelry from a reputable seller who sources their gemstones ethically is important. Ensure the seller follows industry standards for ethical gemstone mining and is transparent about their sourcing practices. Shiva's Stone offers a wide selection of authentic crystal and gemstone products - with something for everyone to find for themselves!

If you follow these tips, you can ensure that the amethyst jewelry you buy is authentic and of high quality. 

FAQs About Amethyst Jewelry 

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding amethyst jewelry:

What is amethyst jewelry famous for?

Amethyst jewelry is said to promote calmness, balance emotions, and enhance intuition. These claims lack scientific backing.

Is it a valuable gemstone?

Yes, an amethyst gemstone's value is determined by color, clarity, and size. The best amethysts have a deep, rich purple hue with few inclusions or blemishes.

How should to care for my amethyst jewelry?

It is best to store your amethyst jewelry in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches and damage. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, such as cleaning products or perfumes.

What occasions are appropriate for amethyst jewelry?

It is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day.

Can amethyst jewelry be worn by anyone, regardless of the birth month?

Yes! Even though amethyst is the birthstone for February, it can be worn by anyone who appreciates its beauty and spiritual meaning.

FAQs About Amethyst Jewelry

Below are some questions, concerns and tips when buying amethyst jewelry:

What are the key features of amethyst jewelry? 

Amethyst jewelry is renowned for its distinctive purple hue, ranging from light lavender to rich, deep violet. It's a versatile gemstone that can be crafted into a variety of jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

What are the healing properties associated with amethyst? 

Amethyst is often associated with spiritual awareness, intuition, and inner peace. It's believed to help in relieving stress, balancing mood swings, dispelling fear and anxiety, and promoting emotional centering.

How can I style amethyst jewelry? 

The vibrant color of amethyst makes it an eye-catching choice that can be styled in numerous ways. Whether paired with casual wear for a pop of color or used to accentuate an elegant evening look, amethyst jewelry is extremely versatile.

How should I care for my amethyst jewelry? 

Amethyst should be cleaned gently with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures as they can damage the stone. It's also best to store amethyst jewelry separately to prevent scratching.

Is amethyst jewelry a good gift option? 

Yes, amethyst jewelry makes for a thoughtful gift, particularly for those born in February as it's their birthstone. Its symbolization of peace, courage, and stability makes it a meaningful gift for anyone.


Amethyst jewelry's timeless and captivating beauty is truly something to behold. Whether seeking a meaningful gift for a loved one or adding a touch of elegance to your crystal jewelry collection, amethyst is a stunning and versatile gemstone that will never go out of style.

Amethyst Geode

Amethyst jewelry offers so much more than a beautiful accessory, from its fascinating history and spiritual significance to its stunning range of hues. So treat yourself or a loved one to a gorgeous piece of crystal jewelry, and discover the magic and allure of this captivating gemstone for yourself. Shiva's Stone offers a beautiful collection of authentic crystal products for you to explore including a gorgeous selection of amethyst rings, necklaces, decor and more!

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