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Crystal Straws: Their Benefits on Our Health and Planet

Plastic straws are harmful to the environment, as we all know. They frequently find their way into our oceans and streams, where they can cause a variety of harm to the ecosystems and marine species. But what if there were a more environmentally friendly option to conventional plastic straws? Thankfully, there is!

Obsidian Crystal Straw

Shivas Stone produces reusable, eco-friendly crystal straws from high-quality stainless steel. They provide a number of health advantages for your body in addition to being better for the environment. Learn why you should convert to a reusable crystal straw right away by reading on!

    How Does a Crystal Straw Work?

    The theory behind crystal healing is that certain qualities of crystals can enhance both physical and emotional wellbeing. It is said that the stones can transfer their energy to the person when they are in contact with them, or in this case, when they are consumed, bringing about balancing and healing effects.

    If you're interested in trying crystal therapy, it's crucial to do your study to identify the correct crystals for you as there are many different types of crystals with various claimed advantages. For additional information on the characteristics, health advantages, and zodiac compatibility of each crystal and gemstone, see the Shivas Stone Crystal Guide!

    Amethyst Crystal Straw

    For instance, rose quartz, which is referred to as the "stone of love," is acclaimed for its capacity to foster self-love. On the other side, amethyst has a reputation for helping those who are stressed or anxious. That stated, there are countless options when it comes to selecting the ideal crystals for your requirements. However, reusable crystal straws are a terrific place to start if you're new to crystal healing or if you're seeking for a straightforward approach to include crystals into your life.

    The crystal elixir straw is available from Shivas Stone in three crystal varieties: amethyst, rose quartz, and obsidian. These crystals can be used for everything from eliminating negative energy to improving immunity because each one has its own special set of healing qualities.

    How Does a Crystal Straw Work?
    How Do I Use a Crystal Drinking Straw?

    Placing a crystal straw in a glass of water and drinking normally will suffice. The healing energy from the crystal will be transferred to the water and then absorbed by your body, therefore it's crucial to make sure the crystal on the straw makes contact with the liquid you're drinking! To ensure that every water molecule is charged with crystal energy, we advise letting the gemstone straw stay in the water for a few minutes before sipping.

    How Do I Use a Crystal Drinking Straw?

    Benefits of Reusable Crystal Straws on the Environment

    Crystal elixir straws assist in reducing plastic waste and can benefit the environment for a variety of ways. Disposable straws frequently end up in landfills or the ocean after being improperly disposed of, harming wildlife and upsetting entire eco-systems. Since some plastics take 700 years to degrade, consumers can lessen their carbon footprint on the environment by switching to reusable straws.

    Benefits of Reusable Crystal Straws on the Environment

    Reusable straws are anticipated to gain popularity as more people become aware of their advantages and how they help the environment. With good cause, several large fast food restaurant businesses have already switched from plastic to paper straws that degrade over time.

    FAQs About Crystal Straws

    What are crystal straws? 

    Crystal straws are reusable drinking straws that incorporate a piece of crystal or gemstone. These straws not only serve as an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable straws, but they are also believed to impart the unique vibrational energies of the included crystal into the drink.

    How do crystal straws benefit our health? 

    Supporters of crystal healing attribute different properties to different types of crystals. When a crystal straw is used, the drink is believed to absorb the crystal's energy, which can then provide specific benefits when consumed.

    How do crystal straws benefit our planet? 

    Crystal straws are reusable, reducing the demand for single-use plastic straws. This helps in minimizing plastic waste, which is a major contributor to environmental pollution and harms marine life.

    How do I care for my crystal straw? 

    Crystal straws should be washed after each use. It's best to hand wash these straws, as dishwashers might damage the crystal. Be sure to follow any specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

    Are all crystals safe to use in a straw? 

    Not all crystals are safe for use in a drinking straw, as some can release harmful substances when submerged in liquid. It's crucial to ensure the crystal used in your straw is safe for this purpose.

    To Wrap Up

    It is obvious that single-use plastics are wreaking havoc on the environment by polluting our world and continually filling up our landfills. Although you might not believe there is much you can individually do, using a reusable water bottle or straw will actually have a huge positive impact on the environment for the rest of your life. Imagine how much of a difference it would make if everyone decided to stop using single-use plastics.

    This is the universe telling you to switch to a reusable crystal straw if you want to take advantage of the healing energy of natural crystals while having a beneficial impact on the environment!

    Rose Quartz Crystal Straw

    Each reusable crystal straw produced by Shivas Stone has natural crystals that may be used repeatedly as well as environmentally acceptable components. They not only aid in trash reduction, but they also offer a variety of positive effects on the environment and your health.

    Fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you if you have any queries about crystal straws wholesale or wish to use these gorgeous reusable straws in your establishment. Additionally, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions about crystals or any of our goods, and we will personally point you in the correct way for your crystal adventure!


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