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How to Charge Crystals and Keep Them Activated

When using crystals for healing purposes, it's critical for crystal lovers to know how to keep their stones charged and activated. What use are they if they aren't functioning correctly, after all? In this article, we provide some helpful advice to keep your crystals in tip-top shape for best effects.

How to Charge Crystals and Keep Them Activated

    How to Charge Crystals

    Crystals can be charged in a variety of ways, but one of the best is beneath a full moon. Crystals can be cleansed and energized by being charged under the light of a full moon, which is a natural source of energy. A few considerations should be made when charging crystals during a full moon.

    Steps to Using the Moon to Charge Crystals:



    1. Choose the full moon as a natural source of energy for charging crystals, providing both cleansing and energizing effects.
    2. Find a suitable location where the moon is visible to ensure effective charging.
    3. Clean the crystals thoroughly before starting the charging process.
    4. Allow the crystals to charge for at least 24 hours under the full moon to absorb its energy fully.
    5. After charging, the crystals will be ready for use with increased energy and clarity.

    Crystals can also be charged by exposing them to direct sunlight for a period of time. Both the sun and the moon are potent energy sources, so employing either of these techniques will replenish your crystals.

    How to Charge Crystals

    How to Cleanse Crystals

    Crystals have a wide range of calming properties, but in order for them to function correctly, they must be cleansed frequently. There are several ways to clean crystals, but it's crucial to select a technique that is both delicate and efficient.

    Here are three ways that you can cleanse your crystals before using them:

    • Flowing water: Place crystal under cool running water for a few minutes.
    • Soaking: Put crystal in a dish of water and leave it overnight.
    • Sage smoke: Hold crystal in sage smoke for a short time and then air it out before using again.

    Regardless of the technique you use, make sure to routinely cleanse your crystals to keep them both physically and energetically free of any unwanted energy they may have absorbed.

    How to Cleanse Crystals

    How to Activate Crystals

    The crystal will be prepared for activation once it has been purified. A crystal can be activated in a wide variety of ways. 

    • Imagining white light: Hold crystal in hand and visualize white light emanating from it.
    • Body heat: Hold crystal in hand and direct your energy to recharge it for a few minutes.
    • Meditation: You can activate a crystal by holding it in your balm during meditation and driving intention to it.

    Focusing your intention on what you want the crystal to do for you is the key. Regardless of the technique you select, make sure to keep a happy attitude and your attention on the crystal while it absorbs energy and becomes energized. 

    How to Activate Crystals

    FAQs About Charging Crystals

    What does it mean to charge a crystal? 

    Charging a crystal involves re-energizing it, replenishing its natural properties, and strengthening its abilities to focus and direct energy.

    How can I charge my crystals? 

    There are several methods to charge crystals, including placing them under natural sunlight or moonlight, burying them in the earth, or using other crystals like selenite or quartz that have charging properties.

    Why is it important to charge crystals?

    Charging crystals is believed to restore their energy and enhance their metaphysical properties. It helps in maintaining or boosting their effectiveness in healing, meditation, or other energy work.

    How often should I charge my crystals?

    The frequency can vary depending on how often you use the crystals and the type of energy they have been exposed to. However, a general rule of thumb is to cleanse and charge them every full moon.

    What does it mean to keep crystals activated? 

    Keeping crystals activated means ensuring they are energetically awake and ready to work for their intended purpose. This involves regular cleansing and charging, along with intentional programming or dedicating your crystals to a specific task or goal.

    In Conclusion

    The maintenance of your crystals includes charging, purifying, and activating them. If you use your crystals properly, you can boost their power and improve the outcomes of your crystal healing sessions or other crystal practises. Try it out and see what a difference it makes in your life now that you know how to charge, cleanse, and activate your crystals!

    Click on the link to visit the Shivas Stone Crystal Guide if you're interested in knowing more about the characteristics, advantages, and compatibility of crystals with other signs of the zodiac. Last but not least, if you have any more queries about caring for your crystals and gemstones, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can help you on your crystal journey.


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