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Cancer Crystals: The Best Guide of Crystals for Cancers

Cancer Crystals: The Best Guide of Crystals for Cancers

Cancer Crystals: The Best Guide of Crystals for Cancer

There's no one quite like a Cancer. They are some of the most sensitive and caring people in the zodiac, but they can also be fierce when they need to be. They tend to be intuitive and often have vivid imaginations. Cancers are usually loyal and protective of those they love. They also have a strong sense of intuition that helps them navigate through life.

In this blog post, we will dive further into the Cancer zodiac sign and most importantly, we will discuss some of the best healing crystals for Cancers.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Cancer Zodiac

2. Best Crystals for Cancer

3. How to Use a Cancer Crystal

4. Cancer Crystal Water Bottle

Introduction to the Cancer Zodiac

Cancer is an emotional sign, and it is no coincidence that they are ruled by the moon. The moon is a symbol of intuition, feelings, and moods, all of which are qualities associated with Cancers. Like the tides, Cancerians are influenced by their emotions, which can flow calmly or come crashing against the shore.

They are also highly sensitive, and their moods can change quickly. However, this does not mean that Cancers are unstable. Instead, it simply reflects the fact that they are in tune with their feelings and responsive to the needs of others. Cancers also hold on tightly to memories, whether it was good or bad experiences. This allows them to empathize with others and provide comfort when needed. In short, Cancerians are compassionate and caring people who are deeply in touch with their emotions.

Introduction to the Cancer Zodiac

Best Crystals for Cancer

If you're a Cancer and would like to learn more about crystals that match the energy of your zodiac sign, look no further! Rose quartz, opal, pink rhodonite and citrine are the four best crystals that compliment the Cancer zodiac sign. We've compiled short, digestible snippets of the properties of each crystal below:

Rose Quartz

If you're a Cancer, you probably already know that you're an emotional, sensitive person. You feel things deeply and your emotions tend to run high. That's why Rose Quartz is such a perfect crystal for you. Rose Quartz is known as the "love stone" as it represents and promotes all things love - self-love, romantic love, etc. It helps to soothe emotions and ease anxiety and stress. It's the perfect crystal to carry with you when you're feeling overwhelmed or are taking on a new task.

Best Crystals for Cancer Rose Quartz


As the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer is associated with the element of water. Those born under this sign are said to be highly intuitive and emotional, with a deep need for security and stability. Cancer is also known as the 'mother of the zodiac', due to their caring and nurturing nature. The perfect crystal companion for those born under this sign is opal, which is also a water elemental crystal.

Opal is known as a stone of emotional healing, helping to soothe and comfort those who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It is also said to promote self-love and acceptance, two things that are essential for a happy and healthy life.

Opal is also a great option for Cancers as it resonates with the emotional body and helps to balance mood swings and hormones. If you're feeling particularly emotional or irrational, keeping some form of opal near by can help keep you grounded and calm.

Best Crystals for Cancer Opal

Pink Rhodonite

Pink rhodonite is a fantastic choice for Cancers because it helps with emotional healing. If you're dealing with any kind of trauma or pain, pink rhodonite can help you to release those negative emotions and start moving forward.

Pink rhodonite may also encourage compassion and understanding, two traits that can be beneficial for anyone but are especially important for those in professions that require you to be caring and understanding.

Best Crystals for Cancer Pink Rhodonite


Citrine is also a great choice for Cancers because it helps to boost self-esteem and confidence. If you're feeling doubtful or insecure, citrine can give you the boost you need to feel good about yourself again. This stone is known for its ability to bring happiness and vitality, making it an ideal choice for Cancers who are seeking emotional balance.

Best Crystals for Cancer Citrine

How to Use a Cancer Crystal

Healing crystals have been a holistic healing practice dating back to ancient civilizations. Gemstones have been utilized by the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Indians to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

With that being said, a Cancer can certainly benefit from the healing energy of the crystals that are best suited to their zodiac sign. This can be done by utilizing certain gemstones during meditation, wearing them as jewelry, or even making a crystal elixir made from your favuorite crystals!

Rose quartz in particular has long been a popular stone that has been used as an accessory, which may be used to complement any ensemble for a night out. As a Cancer, wear a rose quartz crystal necklace around your neck to keep this "stone of love" close to your heart and fill it with sentiments of love and empathy!

Opal is another crystal that possesses a breathtaking aesthetic. The stunning reflections of light produce a variety of beautiful colorful rays which catches anyone's eye in the room. As a Cancer, you can harness the calming energy of opal and its stunning luster by wearing it daily as a necklace or earrings! Shivas Stone offers numerous stunning opal jewelry pieces in their crystal necklace collection and crystal earring collection, made from hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver.

Opal Necklace for Cancer Zodiac

Cancer Crystal Water Bottle

If you're looking to harness the power of Cancer crystals, one of the best ways to do so is by creating an elixir using Crystal Water Bottle made by Shivas Stone. Not only do our bottles keep you hydrated, but they also allow you to keep your crystals close at hand throughout the day.

Citrine Crystal Water Bottle

Each crystal water bottle is made up of a unique combination of crystals, which have been handpicked to complement your star sign's energy. Crystal and gemstones that correspond to your astrological sign can help you fix various imbalances and clear various energy blockages in your life. You can explore our Zodiac Crystal Water Bottle Collection by clicking the link, there you will find a bottle for each zodiac sign!

Only the highest grade crystals and gemstones are used at Shivas Stone, and we make sure that they were acquired ethically from all around the world! Each of our crystal water bottles are made from eco-friendly, BPA-free glass. Thanks to this, you can forget about the nasty smells that come off from traditional metal and plastic bottles!

Cancer Crystal Water Bottle Lifestyle

At Shiva's Stone, we not only want to help reduce plastic waste but give back to the planet. That is why for every crystal water bottle purchased, we will plant a tree in whichever continent you choose. We can assist with the restoration of well-known ecosystems like the Amazonian Rainforest thanks to our collaboration with One Tree Planted!

Shivas Stone One Tree Planted Partnership

In Conclusion,

In this blog, we covered several crystals that are connected with Cancers and positively resonate with their star sign energy. All crystals are powerful, but the right one for a Cancer may amplify their natural talents and help them control their emotional thinking.

If you're a Cancer, consider using one of the crystals mentioned. Carry them with you, meditate with them, use them as decorations around your home! Finally, think about quitting disposable plastics for good and switching to a Cancer Crystal Water Bottle to keep the positive vibes flowing all day long while also making a beneficial impact on our environment!


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