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Zodiac Crystal Blends

Each Zodiac Crystal Blend incorporates a unique mixture of crystals for your Crystal Water Bottle, specifically hand-picked to match the energies of your star-sign. Astrological crystals and gemstones are incredibly effective at helping you correct various imbalances.

Virgo Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Aries Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Gemini Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Cancer Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Taurus Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Libra Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Leo Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Scorpio Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Capricorn Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Sagittarius Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Pisces Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

Aquarius Zodiac Blend

$15.00  $30.00

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