About Our Products

At Shiva's Stone, we are obsessively passionate about the metaphysical phenomenon of natural crystals, some of which have been present on our planet since the beginning of time.

Their uniquely distinct benefits reach far beyond the scope of their evident beauty. One’s perception can be significantly altered through the crystals emittance of positive energy vibrations, chakra stabilization, and other exclusively fascinating characteristics. These distinct elements have been praised for their ability to aid in achieving a superior consciousness.

Our vision is to design aesthetically appealing products which effectively combine spirituality with elegance. Our goal is to ultimately enable users to most effectively attain the spiritual, mental, and physically healing benefits of various binding crystals. 

Each of the crystals featured within the various products in our store are handcrafted to perfection out of purely natural elemental gemstones. Each individual crystal has a unique form which is ultimately manifested by nature.

It should be known that as these crystals undergo natural geologic processes, their aesthetic properties vary due to their unique molecular compositions. Therefore, each product will have distinctive patterns in comparison to the gallery image. As a customer, you will obtain an idiosyncratic treasure of your own.