Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. How long will my parcel take to be delivered to my house?

A. In order to remain competitive and ensure customer satisfaction, we use DHL courier services. Shipping times will vary depending on the destination.

  • Canada and United States: 3-5 Business Days
  • Europe: 4-9 Business Days
  • Australia and Asia: 10-15 Business Days
  • South America: 5-13 Business Days

Q.How can I determine which crystal composition is suitable for me?

A. Conducting brief knowledge about the properties of various crystals will give you a general understanding of the spiritual and physical benefits of the element. Each crystal product on our website will have a brief description about its distinct spiritual, emotional, and physically promoting properties. Every crystal has its own visually appealing characteristics , but it should be known that they do in fact differ greatly in terms of their metaphysical qualities.


Q. How do I clean and maintain my crystal pipe?

A. We offer a wide variety of crystal pipes which each have a unique opacity. Pipes which are made from transparent material such as Clear Quartz will tend to become dirty quicker than those which are made from darker materials.Each pipe can be cleaned by placing it inside a container filled with water and sea salt. Once this is done, the complimentary tool which came with the purchase of your pipe should be used to clean the internal channel of the pipe itself.Conduct your own research prior to exposing your crystal to sea salt as various gemstones may diminish in quality as a result of the chemical reaction.


Q.How often should the metal mesh filter be replaced?

A. If taken care of properly, each metal mesh filter can last for 4-6 weeks of continuous use. Use your discretion and base your decision on whether the pipe is performing at optimal capacity.