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Our Social Responsibility

What is corporate social responsibility?

Social responsibility refers to the corporate obligation that an organization has beyond the bottom-line profitability. In essence, it is the duty to make decisions that benefit the society, environment, and all stakeholders that are relevant to the business.

Corporate social responsibility at Shiva's Stone:

Aside from the obvious obligation for any business to adhere to their respective legal business environment, Shiva's Stone proudly goes above and beyond to give back to less fortunate global elements. Our business makes a continuous effort to proactively budget our monetary decisions in a way that will assist in the following:

1. Financially alleviate less fortunate people 

2. Re-invest in the preservation of global environmental crises

3. Support our immediate community in the form of job creation

How our company achieves the goals discussed above:

Our corporate social responsibility begins in the planning phase, in which we forecast a calculated portion of product profits towards certain goals that we aim to achieve.

Half of these budgeted amounts are donated to humanitarian based cause organizations. Furthermore, the remaining half of the calculated amount is donated to an organization focused on the assistance of environmental sustainability.

Our most recent initiative involves the reinvestment back into the environment in the form of reforestation. We are happy to announce our affiliation with One Tree Planted, a non-profit reforestation organization with a vision that that is parallel to ours.

On your behalf, Shiva's Stone donates a portion of the proceeds from every flask to plant 1 tree in the continent of your choice! 

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