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Crystal Properties of Opal

Delving into the world of gemstones reveals an array of captivating jewels, each offering a unique blend of beauty, history, and purported properties. Among these, opal shines brightly. Derived from the Greek word 'opallios', which means to see a change in color, opal is truly a spectacular gemstone, exhibiting an explosion of shifting colors unlike any other stone.

Properties of Opalite  - The Crystal of Curiosity

History of Opal

Tracing the history of opal brings us to the ancient times. The Romans, for example, treasured opal for its brilliance and believed it symbolized purity and hope. In the Middle Ages, opal was considered a stone that could provide great luck as it was believed to possess all the virtues of each gemstone whose color was represented in its color spectrum.

The ancient Greeks thought opal to be the tears of Zeus and prized it as highly as diamonds. They believed opal gave the wearer the gift of prophecy and guarded them from disease. Centuries later, the desire for opal had not faded. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Europe adored these gems.

However, it wasn't until the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the discovery of abundant opal deposits in Australia, that opal became accessible to a broader audience. These days, over 90% of the world's precious opal comes from Australia.

Natural Opal Crystal

Properties of Opal

Physical properties of opal make it a truly unique gemstone. Unlike most gemstones, opal is non-crystalline, meaning it has no fixed geometric structure. It's composed of tiny spheres of silicon dioxide, which diffract light to display various colors. This optical effect is known as 'play-of-color'.

Hardness is another notable property of opal. On the Mohs scale, opal ranges between 5.5 and 6.5, making it comparably softer than many other gemstones. Therefore, it requires careful handling to avoid scratches or cracks.

Opals are also found in a variety of types, including white opal, black opal, fire opal, and boulder opal, among others. Each type of opal has its unique characteristics and color displays, contributing to the stone's overall allure.

Opal Crystal  

What is Opal Good For?

Throughout history, opal has been attributed with several healing and beneficial properties. In metaphysical realms, opal is often seen as a stone of inspiration that enhances imagination and creativity. It's said to bring inspiration to projects, life, and the spirit.

Further, opal is often associated with love and passion, as well as desire and eroticism. It can act as an emotional stabilizer, helping to express one's true self. Some believe opal has the power to heal the emotional body and is beneficial for people suffering from depression or anxiety.

Natural Opal Geode

How to Use Opal

Given its metaphysical properties, opal can be used in various ways. It's often worn as jewelry, allowing the wearer to benefit from its energies. It can also be used during meditation sessions to enhance clarity, stabilize emotions, and stimulate creativity.

You might also consider placing opal in your home or office to harness its positive energies in your space. It's particularly beneficial when placed in areas where you engage in creative activities.

Opal Necklace

Is Opal Safe for Crystal Elixirs?

Creating crystal elixirs is a common practice among those who value the energy of stones. However, not all crystals are safe for such use. The good news is, opal is generally considered safe for preparing crystal elixirs, provided it's handled appropriately and the stone is not toxic. The best way to harness the crystal energy of opal is by using a Shiva's Stone opal crystal water bottle.

Opal Crystal Water Bottle

FAQs About Opal Crystal

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding opal, its benefits and its zodiac sign compatibility:

What Is Opalite Good For: 

  • Meditation
  • Creativity
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Memory 

What Zodiac Signs Is Opalite Good For: 

  • Cancer
  • Libra

Is Opalite Water Safe? : 

  • Yes

Opal Gemstone

Wrapping Up

All in all, the unique characteristics and historical significance of opal, coupled with its fascinating play-of-color and metaphysical properties, make it a gemstone worth exploring. Whether you're attracted to its vibrant color display, drawn to its healing properties, or intrigued by its history, opal offers a touch of mystery and beauty that few other gemstones can match.

It's a remarkable gift from the earth that continues to captivate people across cultures and generations. So why not consider adding a piece of opal to your collection, or better yet, wearing it and experiencing its benefits for yourself?

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